Facilitating talent acquisition and management

through innovative and fit for purpose Digital Solutions

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Our key areas of focus

Excellent customer experience

Bridging access to opportunity

Adequate reporting on candidate management and performance

Innovative and fit to purpose digital solutions

Empowering and upskilling young minds

Our Philosophy

We believe the only thing that causes the underprivileged to experience an economic divide is access to opportunity. We are driven by the understanding that a world that thrives is unlocked through the empowerment of young, bright minds.

By facilitating talent acquisition and management through innovative and fit for purpose digital solutions, we are able to bring our purpose to life.

How can we help you?

How do we cater for organisations?


Assessment for your candidates, DISC profile and a Core Values assessment which equips you to make better and more informed hiring decisions

Digital Solutions

Migrate from paper based bursary applications to a completely digital solution and managing everything online.

We find your candidates for you

Fill in your required criteria for a potential candidate(s) to fund or recruit into your workforce in less than 10 minutes and receive a report containing the candidates that best fit your requirements in less than 48 hours.

How do we cater for candidates?

One application

Fill out one bursary application and apply to a number of tertiary funding opportunities hosted on our platform

Skills Development

Skills Development to upskill the candidate to ensure that the such candidate is adequately prepared for the workplace – the focus will primarily be on development of the candidate's soft skills.


Mentorship to ensure steady and potential progress through the candidate's academic career

DISC Profile

DISC profile to give you insight into your behavioral differences and your personality profile and highlight measures to improve various areas in your life based on your personality profile

The number of candidates on our platform continues to grow!



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Our Team

Meet the magic behind Easyburse.

Njabulo Mthanti
CEO, Founder
Joshua Zeller
Executive Director
Mihlali Jordan
Creative Director

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