About Us

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What we want to achieve

Our Vision

Easyburse is a company built by the youth FOR youth. Our idea of achievement is measured in how many candidates are positively impacted financially and are empowered through using our platform. We want to alleviate the struggles that applicants experience in terms of access to funding opportunities and assisting them in better and properly packaging themselves to make use and take advantage of these many opportunities. What we want to see as a company is a large number of applicants saying that their lives were not only simplified by using our platform but that they were also able to access and leverage far more opportunities as a result of using our platform.

Our Team

Njabulo Mthanti


The brains behind operations and client acquisition, Njabulo , a BEng student, oversees all business operations and focuses heavily on stakeholder management

Joshua Zeller

head of marketing

The engine behind all marketing operations, BEng student Joshua Zeller ensures that we provide value to our clients as a driver behind our marketing and growth efforts. 

Herman Veremu

research and development

A creative thinker and innovator BEng student at the University of Pretoria, Herman ensures that the company remains competitive from a product perspective. 

Mihlali Jordan

head of finance

A financially astute individual. Mihlali deals with all finance and tax related affairs. 

Our 4 Areas of Focus



All applications and profiles will be easily viewable on the robust dashboard we offer to the client. Through this , the organisation will manage any selections.


Skills Development

Ensuring that students are adequately prepared for any corporate or work environment. Easyburse will offer hard skills and soft skills development course for the candidates on your platform.



Mentorship to ensure steady exponential progress of the student. Easyburse will facilitate and manage the mentorship program.


Career Guidance Counselling

Using the insights gained from the organisations on our platform, it is easier to help students make more informed decisions about certain organisations and career paths.

The number of candidates on our platform continues to grow


Would you like to work with us?

Strictly for organisations that provide bursaries, scholarships, vacation work, internships and learnership programmes.