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All applications and profiles will be easily viewable on the robust dashboard we offer to the client. Through this, the organisation will manage any selections and filter through them. This access includes all facets of candidates from those looking for bursaries or vacation work, to those looking for employment or any internships.

Skills Development

Ensuring that applicants are adequately prepared for any corporate or work environment. Easyburse will offer hard skills and soft skills development course for the candidates on our platform . Soft skills include; effective functioning, occupational, interpersonal and employability skills. Hard skills include, proficiency in Microsoft Office and copywriting.


Upon awarding a student with a bursary, an option for mentorship is made available at the discretion of the funder. What Easyburse will do is facilitate and manage the mentorship process. We will have senior students in various university institutions who will assume the mentorship positions. Each mentor will manage and mentor a group of 5 students. These seniors will be responsible with meeting each student a minimum of once a week. There will be processes in place to ensure that these meetings do take place. Monthly reports will be compiled to track and measure student progress. The purpose of this mentorship programme is to ensure student development and success from a tertiary perspective.

Career Guidance Counselling

With access to an extensive corporate clientele, we are able to gain and deliver insights to candidates regarding what exactly is expected and required of them from a job and an organisational culture perspective. Most students tend not to have an all round idea of what certain jobs and careers entail and require. Our goal through this particular aspect of our business is to ensure that students are able to get into tertiary institutions and leave with an extensive idea of the requirements in various fields.

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